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Syron relies on Dealers and Distributors to take our fantastic range of products to the market. Syron makes a small percentage margin on all products imported into our region. This allows greater margins for our Dealers and Distributors and a cheaper price at counters, which means consumers will appreciate the lower prices for high end products.

Syron is open to the public and dealers alike yet the prices available are specific to your account. Dealers are provided better pricing than consumers but if you enjoy our products and you purchase for direct from Syron, we are always happy to provide better pricing for repeat customers. Specials and promotions will also be held by Syron and these specials can be offered to Dealers and to the Public.

Syron uses Product Icon Meanings (PIM) to provide specific information relevant to all products that have a PIM. PIMs can be located at the top of the description page and includes information and details.

For more information about PIMs please see the Syron Support Area.

If you would like to purchase or are curious about our products and pricing, please see our Online Shop, for more information. Syron Dealers can login and see pricing specific to your account. For more information about becoming or being an Syron Dealer please see our Syron Dealer Program page.

Dealers receive benefits and incentives for assisting Syron distribute our fantastic range of products, this may include free samples, free marketing material, free product floor stands, free advertising banners and flags, free kiosk or counter advertising brochure stands. The pricing is setup in Tiers for Dealers with discounts applied on products and quantities.

To be able to gain access to Dealer Benefits and Pricing, please register by using our Dealer Registration Form and Syron will create an account for your business and email the login details, so you can gain access to the Dealer benefits, pricing and specials.